A Cynic’s Paradise

What exactly would a cynic consider bliss? In particular what would such a person consider eternal bliss? This could be a very important question for me.

As I ponder my eyes fall upon a pair of wedding candles…

wedding candles

These were lit briefly by my late parents-in-law in 1950. Sometime in the last year or two my wife burned them. No. This is not a staged photo. There they sit on the kitchen counter – only occasionally sharing the neighborhood with cleaning supplies.

Why did my wife burn them? I guess because candles were made to be burned, as perhaps lives and relationships are eventually meant to be.

I happen to believe these persons and their unique yet not at all uncommon relationship to be somehow eternal. Yet whatever earthly purpose they may have fulfilled is now history. Their effects on the earthly plane have been spent. Any eternal effects are quite beyond my true knowledge. Nobody there complained to see the candles burn that night. Everyone present seemed to think the sentiment of the event rather lovely.

I really do have no idea why these candles fall under the heading of A Cynic’s Paradise. Yet the question remains. Might there be a special purgatory for the cynic, and if so, how exactly might the typical cynic distinguish the place from Paradise?

I just may find these questions to be very important to me.

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