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Arguably, every utterance is a response. Whatever those very first human utterances were responding to, whether it might’ve been screaming before a charging sabre tooth, maybe gasping in amazement at first beholding the world through newly aware eyes, perhaps clicking the tongue against the teeth in hopes of attracting the attention of a likely mate, or, as many may choose to believe, some worshipful word in some strange new tongue in response to a Creator Deity, responding utterances were sure to follow.

Some such responses echo down through the ages, prompting ever more responses, some interesting, some amazing, some that leave us wondering what sort of strange universe such an idea could have sprung from.

French mathematician, physicist and philosopher
Tunisian story teller
19th Century American poet
Ancient Greek tragedian
The Bard of Avon
20th Century British statesman
American journalist and curmudgeonly commentator
Comic Hollywood actor

Here is your opportunity to join into a little corner of that conversation of the ages and see where it leads you. Start off with any of the amazing utterers above and then keep on selecting any interesting hyperlinked words you may see to find out how some other wise or glib person may have responded.

Note that this conversation is still under construction. If you run out of new hyperlinks before your curiosity is exhausted you can always find another link below where you can start over with a whole new conversation. You may even submit your own pieces of conversation for the editors to consider.