The Proctor Charlie Collective

Currently provides a working prototype which gives us some feel for a much larger, robust, dynamic and growing interactive website. The Proctor Charlie Collective is in the early stages of building Proctor Charlie’s Compendium of Brief Wisdom. As of early 2021 the compendium database is approaching 4,000 entries. Many entries, however, are unverified and/or incomplete. Anyone who loves the amazing power of language and has even a modicum of passion for sharing that leve may become a “Charlie” simply by clicking on…

Click here to suggest a new response…

…found on any page of the website. There you may fill out a form to share brief wisdom from your own exploration of literature. You may also use the form to express interest in further opportunities such as…

  • joining other Charlies in new or ongoing Wisdom Mining nights
  • learning the simple but vital job of validating and tagging entries 
  • joining the volunteer website development team
  • joining the volunteer database and AI development team
  • joining the volunteer app development team

Our mission at the Collective is to significantly raise the bar on social media by recruiting the passionate genius of humanity across the ages, across cultures, and across disciplines.