Uncle Ned’s Big Words: onomatopoeia

My first big word is “onomatopoeia”, that’s AH no MA to PEE ah.

We will soon find out that there is much more to big words than just lots of letters. Uncle Ned’s first big word does have quite a few letters and stretches all the way out to six syllables. However, Uncle Ned is more than a little suspicious of this big word because, in Uncle Ned’s humble opinion, a proper big word should also have a big meaning. The sad fact is, we use this Big Word for nothing more than words which sound just like they mean. 

Another typical big word characteristic that this word has is a few extra vowels. Uncle Ned gets irritated when words are not gracious enough to throw in the occasional consonant so that we can count the syllables more easily.

Uncle Ned will do his best to come up with interesting, creative, if perhaps at times slightly confusing examples of each big word. For this first big word, Uncle Ned will put the example sentence into a brief conversation with his good friend Beau the cat.

“Beau, please give Uncle Ned a brief example of onomatopoeia.”


One thought on “Uncle Ned’s Big Words: onomatopoeia

  1. POW, Uncle Ned hit the nail on the head. (Ouch!) Beau the cat RIPPED off an easy onomatopoeia word. We do not FLING words around lightly. BOOM goes our vocabulary when we follow Uncle Ned. Shhazzaaammm is he good.

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