An old saying comes down to us from the Bajan people of Barbados: “There is no magical place called ‘Away'”. The Bajans have some credibility on the subject since most came from someplace else and most have also since dispersed elsewhere.

Bajan fusion band Cover Drive

Well we will be testing the theory ourselves this week as we will be escaping “Away” off the grid. Whether or not we return any more magical than we already are remains to be seen.

We so much appreciate all who have contributed tidbits of wisdom over the past few months using our submit a suggestion form. We have now amassed over 4,800 such tidbits which we can now draw from as we expand our conversation past the 700 – odd items already linked together on the prototype. You can also use that third free text field on the submit a suggestion form to help us improve what we already have. Some things to look for:

  • misspellings
  • mis-attributed wisdom
  • links which take you back to the page you were just on, or were very recently on
  • anything else which tempts you to snort and declare, “What kind of bozos do the Proctor Charlie Collective think they are?”

Enjoy the spring or autumn weather from wherever in the world you are and we will be back in mid-May.

One last item: we have also been busy in recent weeks creating specs for a very simple iOS and Android app in hopes to spread the literary wisdom wealth further yet. If you or someone you know may want to earn a few bucks helping us crank that out let us know. Where? On the submit a suggestion form of course.

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