The Sin of Perfection

Just sharing a few words to the wise from my friend Momen…

What we often seek in perfection is freedom from the discomfort of making mistakes. In return for that freedom from discomfort we trade our curiosity, our flexibility, and the room to grow.

We can consider the trade: Do we want to live the rest of our lives in our well-defined little world, safe but perhaps stifled? Or do we wish to venture out into the unknown, take a risk, and reach for everything life has to offer?Gasworks at Dusk 1

Julian of Norwich Prays the Twelve Steps


Step 1: I pray that I may triumph over temptation.

Steps 2 & 3: I pray Your will be done.

Steps 4 & 5: I pray that I may be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Steps 6 & 7: I pray that my flesh and spirit be nourished.

Steps 8 & 9: I pray that I may love and be loved.

Step 10: I pray that I may live in peace and harmony with all Your creation.

Step 11: I pray that I may live in You in this life and with You in the life to come.

Step 12: I pray that I may be Your faithful servant.

Julian of Norwich (died ~1416) is credited with being the first woman to publish in the English language.