“Sin Boldly”


I was so busy capturing this image Sunday at a taco shop in North Seattle I totally forgot to get a punch card. I finally googled the phrase today, after wondering about it already for some years. It turns out that the sentiment shows up only in a personal letter from Martin Luther to his old friend and fellow theologian Melanchthon, and even at that, only a few paragraphs of that letter survived. So yes, the phrase lacks complete context and has been translated into English in a number of ways, but it has persisted none the less for a half a millennium, albeit in fairly esoteric circles, most likely due to all the interesting questions it gives rise to.

So here we are, faced with a Spanish version of the phrase, thanks to my local taco slinger, and I encounter yet another intriguing question. Were I to commit the sin of guacamole and salsa a sufficient number of times for the 10% discount, just what exactly might I do with the savings?

For some strange reason I find the idea of 10% salvation to be every bit as intriguing as the idea that I should sin with gusto.

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