Space: a conversation

Olson Men


One day God spoke to God. Well, not technically a day because days had not yet been created. In fact “yet” had no context, but as with everything we wish to relate, we have to start somewhere. Or nowhere. Or someplace quite outside of “where”.

God: Do you feel crowded?

God: Do you mean as in infinitely together?

God: Yes, precisely.

[I relate this conversation in English. Presumably God did not have to.]

God: Well, if We are crowded, let’s create some Space.

God: “Space?” Please explain.

God: Space is that which exists between Things.

God: Well, that’s a start. Whatever exists between Things must be “Nothing”.

God: Yes, precisely.

God: So where, exactly to we get Things to exist between Space? Space(s)?

God: I guess we will need to create some of those Things.

God: From what?

God: From Nothing.

God: Precisely.

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