All in a Moment or an Age

All in a moment or an age

The croc became predator

The mosquito a pest

All in a moment or an age

Tectonic plates began rubbing each other the wrong way

And sweat became labor and labor a penance

And woman first groaned in pain and fear and hope.

All in a moment or an age

The best of our voices went just a tad flat

If only to torment those of perfect pitch

The well-tempered klavier became a necessity

And piano tuners made the rounds of the concert halls.

All in a moment or an age

Engineers began to calculate tolerances

And bugs presaged debugging,

Pi ran to an infinity of decimals

And the very earth’s rotation slowed

At odds with its own orbit.

All in a moment or an age

Wax gathered in ears and the first nose soundly blew

Even as dreams suddenly expressed fear

And the iris demanded ever more lenses and the very scalpel’s edge.

All in a moment or age

Either the cosmological crack first appeared as tooth violated rind

Or perhaps rather when word obfuscated meaning.

Was the greater curse labor or rather that strange universal notion of a somehow more perfect existence?

Cathie Applesauce Cake

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